The Professional Network

The Professional Network is a group of professional business people dedicated to sharing ideas, making new friends and helping each other’s businesses prosper.  Since its founding in 1992, members have built business connections by networking with current and past members, as well as contacts submitted by members and their friends…

As these members have worked closely together, business relationships have evolved into personal friendships.

We meet every Tuesday at 12:30pm at Der Dutchman Restaurant, 3713 Bahia Vista, Sarasota, FL 34232        Joining The Professional Network means exclusive membership.  Membership is open to only one representative of a business classification or profession.

  • Enrollment Fee, Plus Monthly Membership Dues.
  • Owner or an Employee of Legitimate Established Business
  • Will Meet Attendance Requirements
  • Non-Compete with Existing Member
Speakers List / Calendar

For more information or to attend a meeting, please contact:

Email Lori Landis: Lori      or call  Jeff Deehr at  (941) 961-4265

Contact The Board

President:  Dave Cozzette Vice-President: Jenny Jerrems
Treasurer:  Jeff Deehr Secretary: Grace Lyon
Public Relations:   Maria Meesit Founder/Advisor:    Jenny Miller
Membership Chairman:  Lori Landis Seargant-At-Arms: Kevin Kassel
Program Chairman:  JoAnn Mohr Social Chairman:  Dennis Davis

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